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EGF Wrinkle Eraser Eye Cream

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Shh! Keep your age a secret with this anti-aging cream made with Volufiline and EGF that tackles pesky wrinkles and fine lines to create firm, youthful skin.

- Formulated with volufiline and EGF, this anti-aging cream reverses the clock for your skin by erasing the wrinkles and fine lines already on your face.

- This product is made with an amazing combination of ingredients, which helps to miraculously repair, firm, and volumize the skin.

- Makeup caking on wrinkles is the thing of the past with this wrinkle cream, which gets rid of visible signs of aging like none other.

- This product provides the skin with long lasting moisturization without leaving behind a sticky residue when applied.

1. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip.

2. Apply on areas with wrinkles and pat lightly for absorption.

Highly Concentrated EGF

- Highly Concentrated EGF restores and retains firmness of the skin to create energized, youthful-looking skin.
- Highly Concentrated EGF enhances skin regeneration by boosting skin cell turnover which helps to reduce signs of aging.

Tuber Melanosporum Extract (Black Truffle Extract)

- Tuber Melanosporum Extract provides the skin with deep, rich nourishment, which helps to create healthy, youthful skin.
- Black Truffle has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to get rid of harmful free radicals.


- Volufiline is a raw material, created by a French cosmetics company called Sederma Co., which enhances the skin to turn saggy skin into firm, resilient skin.
- Volufiline creates plump, fuller-looking skin by stimulating and promoting lipid storage.

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