Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil 200ml

$20.00 $23.00
A lightweight cleansing oil that effectively removes stubborn makeup and purifies pores leaving skin feeling fresh and soft. A fresh cleansing oil that neatly removes thick makeup without the stuffiness of oil, while creating smooth skin texture.

A facial cleansing oil allows you to give self-administered home care every day differently depending on skin concern and area. Pure White ingredients are excellent in providing healthy and smooth skin.

Upgraded fresh pore-specialized oil removes impurities and purifies pores for a smooth and poreless complexion. Our food foaming cleanser is excellent, gentle, and safe for dry, normal, sensitive, and especially recommended oily skin with excessive sebum and pores.

Pump 2~3 times into the palms and massage on the dry state face concentrating on blackheads. Continue massage until the oil turns to a milky texture, then wash off with lukewarm water.

Olive Fruit Oil, Carrot Root Extract, Tomato Fruit Extract, Licorice Root Extract.

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