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Fixing Tint 4g

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A hydrating lip tint with a lightweight matte finish that stains less on your mask and more on your lips!
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- This tint is a hydro-matte tint that fixates on the lips without causing irritation or feeling tacky when applied on the lips.
- This product can be mixed with different colors to create a wide range of looks based on the occasion.
- This product does not smudge and lasts a long time when applied on the lips.

#01 Analog Rose

- A neutral toned-down red with a hint of orange.
#02 Vintage Red
- A deep, warm toned-down red with a tinge of salmon.
#03 Mellow Peach
- A mute, toned-down pink inspired by peaches.
#04 Ginger Milk Tea
- A warm, mute shade of brown and orange.
#05 Midnight Mauve
- A cool, mute pink that gives a natural look when applied.

  1. Adjust the amount of the product using the tip of the applicator.
  2. Apply on the center of the lips and blend outwards for natural gradation.

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