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Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack 100ml

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A collagen-packed creamy mask that enriches and fortifies skin's protective barrier with rich blends of organic ingredients for baby-soft skin.

- Can be used as sleeping mask : Apply a cherry size cream after warm by the palm. Do one minute massage and sleep with it.

- Also can be used as a emergency mask which will give skin moisture and shining. Apply a cherry size amount with 2 mins massage and wash off.

- Jella pack is very smooth texture with sweety scent for moisturizing.

  1. After washing and toning, apply an appropriate amount and gently massage all over the face for 2 minutes with lightweight pressure.

Warm palms by rubbing them together and lightly wrap hands around the face for full absorption.

Collagen peptide 50,000mg

- Skin firming and moisturizing.

Botanic ingredients

- Double up care

No harmful ingredients

- Ethanol, animal oil, artificial pigment, benzophenone, mineral oil

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