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Heartleaf Biome Facial Soap 100g
Heartleaf Biome Facial Soap 100g
Heartleaf Biome Facial Soap 100g
  • Vegan
  • Efilow

    Heartleaf Biome Facial Soap 100g

    A facial bar soap that not only thoroughly cleanses the skin but also calms the skin, allowing the skin to be clear and soothed when used.

    - This soap helps to soothe the skin while cleansing the skin when used, allowing the user to experience the true meaning of slow beauty.

    - This product is made with only EWG Green Grade ingredients to allow for the caring of sensitive skin without irritation.

    - This soap creates rich, soft foam that adheres well to the skin to remove waste without leaving residue behind.

    - This product helps to calm the skin and boosts the inherent strength of the skin by restoring the skin barrier and balancing the skin.

    1. Wet the bar of soap and lather to create rich foam.
    2. Use your hands to massage the product onto the face.
    3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    Heartleaf Extract

    - Heartleaf Extract from the Himalayas helps to effectively calm and clear the skin, to create flawless, porcelain skin.

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