House of Dohwa

House of Dohwa Sun screen 50ml

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A sunscreen suitable for all skin types that softens, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin while also providing it with the protection needed to have fun in the sun!

- Our sunscreen provides strong protection against UV rays of all spectrums by being SPF50+ and PA++++.

- This Coréelle exclusive sunscreen contains ingredients that calm the skin that has been stimulated by the sun rays and has brightening properties to create a brighter skin complexion.

- Our sunscreen is created using a soft lotion formulation and applies onto the skin gently without leaving behind a white cast.

- This sunscreen in eco-friendly packaging to and allows you to use the product up to the last drop.

- Our sunscreen is made using rice extract from Icheon, Korea, grown in nature to provide rich nourishment to the skin.

- Our product contains daisy flower extract that brightens the skin by controlling the three pathways involved in melanin synthesis.

- Daisy flower extract has been added to this sunscreen for a floral scent.

Apply a generous amount of product to the face and other desired areas 30 minutes prior to being exposed to the sun.

Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract

- Rice Extract helps restore vitality back into lifeless skin with its rich nutrition including essential amino acids, vitamins and proteins.
- Rice Extract delivers a long-lasting burst of hydration into the skin for a visibly replenished complexion.

Rice Bran Extract

- Rice Bran Extract contains rich dietary fiber and lysine, so it helps to remove waste and has the effect of cleaning the skin.
- Rice Bran Extract is good for freckles and skin aging because it has nourishing effects on the skin, brightening effects, and ability to help maintain healthy skin.

Daisy Flower Extract

- Daisy Flower Extract helps to control the entire transition stage from melanin production to provide excellent skin brightening effects.

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