It's Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis Effector (Brightening)

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A nourishing and hydrating ampoule that is composed of nutrient-rich Propolis Extract, Honey Extract, Black Rose, Freesia, and White Daisy. It moisturizes and brightens your skin with the anti-microbial properties of Propolis and also help to control the signs of aging.

- A concentrate formulated with a range of natural ingredients including honey, black rose, freesia, white daisy and bee propolis extracts to make a complex that has anti-aging properties while it moisturizes and brightens dull, dry skin. This serum also strengthens and protects skin from damage caused by stress or harmful externalities.

- This facial essence provides several essential nutrients to the skin that energizes and revitalize the skin from inside. Artepillin C in our face serum softens the rough and dry skin texture and restores the skin's glow.

- The It's Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis is a multifunctional serum infused with Propolis and Honey Extracts to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects to the skin. It also contains Panthenol and Hedera Helix Leaf Extract to hydrate the skin and restore the skin's moisture barrier.

Apply 2-3 drops to clean skin and pat gently for better absorption.

Green Propolis

- Green Propolis helps to smoothe out wrinkles and has powerful anti-aging properties and create plump, youthful skin.

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