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Multi-vitamin Daily Care Serum 50ml

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A daily care serum that contains 10% of multi-vitamin complex to brighten and revitalize tired skin.

- Brighten skin with multi-vitamin complex and take care of blemishes and elasticity.

- An ingredient that provides excellent skin care for acne and anit-inflam-matory with centella asiatica extract.

- Intensive anti-aging care that also soothes the skin.

- It is a watery type texture that absorbs freshly without stickiness. It is a product that quickly absorbs moisture and makes the skin moist and brightened skin tone.

1. After moisturizing skin care, drop 3~4 drop with a dropper and let it absorb lightly.

2. Lightly apply to the skin care where you are concerned, starting with the cheeks and forehead.

3. It can be used every morning and evening, and please use it as a daily care.


- A raw material that activates nutrients by decomposing and recombination of substances that age the skin.


- A raw material that protects the skin from UV, suppresses the inflammatory reaction.

Niacinamide / Adenosine

- It reduces blemishes and pigmentation to make the skin clear and clean.

Centella asiatica extract

- Sensitive, soothing


- Sebum control


- Collagen

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