Pine Bud Brightening Mask 1ea
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    Pine Bud Brightening Mask 1ea

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    A brightening sheet mask made with moisture-retaining Jeju pine buds to designed to blow life back into tired skin.

    - This sheet mask contains Hue_Calm’s Vitamin C Brightening Biome, to hydrate and revitalize the skin while only using natural, clean ingredients.

    - This product is made with a soft cotton sheet that comfortably sticks to the skin for a gentle, relaxing experience.

    - This sheet mask is made with soft jelly sheets coated with alginic acid from marine algae to give a long-lasting hydration and noticeable softness.

    - This product is made with all-natural, EWG approved ingredients, making this product fragrance-free, free of artificial coloring, and safe for even sensitive skin.

    1. After cleansing, gently place the sheet mask on the skin, following the facial contour.

     Leave for 15–20 min then slowly remove the mask starting from the edges.

    1. Lightly pat the remaining essence until absorbed.

    Pine Buds

    - Pine Buds, from Jeju Island, provide the skin with moisture and brighten dark spots to create smooth, toned skin.

    Vita C Brightening Biome

    - Vitamin C Brightening Biome is the main Hue_Calm signature ingredient in this product, which is designed to brighten the skin from within.

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