Rubelli Melting Hydrogel Mask 1ea 25g

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This hydrogel mask that responds to skin temperature provide a different experience of it adhering tightly to the skin, melting and being absorbed, and delivers real results.

- This sheet mask is powerfully adhesive so that the product does not fall off even if shaking after attachment.
- This product allows for the skin to feel a cooling effect, and a gel-type hydrogel made of a highly concentrated essence adheres to the skin and provides deep moisturization and nutrition.
- This sheet mask provides slow aging & brightening action while improving skin elasticity.

- This product contains plant-derived ingredients that help moisturize and smooth skin texture.

1. After washing your face, open the sheet, remove all white and transparent films and attach the sheet from the bottom.
2. Attach the upper part along the shape of the eye and stick it tightly overall.
3. After 20 to 30 minutes of rest, remove the mask sheet and tap it to make it absorbed.

Heartleaf Extract
- Heartleaf Extract from the Himalayas helps to effectively calm and clear the skin, to create flawless, porcelain skin.

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