Rubelli Toe Socks Foot Pack 3 Packs

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Like a sock, between the toes, the top of the foot, the bottom of the foot, and the heel, it completely adheres to each other, and has an effect of improving dead skin cells + moisturizing!

- This foot pack is shaped like a sock to adhere to your feet so that the essence can permeate through whole feet evenly.
- This product is super-tight to not miss any place between your toes!
- This foot pack provides improvement of the foot and heel calluses.
- This product has completed and passed the skin irritation test to ensure minimal irritation on the skin when used.

1. Open the product and put on the (Toe Socks Foot Pack).
2. After putting on (Toe Socks Foot Pack), put on the vinyl cover over it.
3. Remove (Toe Socks Foot Pack) after 0-20 minutes, tap the essence left on the foot lightly to absorb it.

8 Natural Origin Extracts
- Sea butter, argan kernel oil, ginger extract, lemon extract, Cinnamomum cassia bark extract (cinnamon), honey extract, echinean leaf extract and jojoba seed oil ingredients moisturize and nourish feet.

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