Snail Jelly Mask (1ea/10ea)

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30,000ppm Snail Secretion Filtrate(SSF) captured in a hydrogel coated premium sheet mask.
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- This set of sheet masks provide the skin with powerful anti-aging effects to create youthful looking skin.
- This product helps to repair the skin and moisturize the skin when used.
- This set of sheet masks is enriched in serum to provide the perfect adhesion to the skin for deep hydration.
- This product is cruelty free and does not harm or cause stress to snails during the filtrate collection.

1. Cleanse your skin with toner after washing your face.
2. After opening the pouch, take out the mask and attach the sheet to the face.
3. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and pat the remaining contents on the face until absorbed.

30,000ppm Snail Secretion Filtrate

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