Sungboon Editor Blackhead Melting Clear Pad 65g

A set of clearing pads that allows for sebum in the pores to melt gently within 10 minutes of applying.

- This set of clearing pads gently melts away sebum and helps improve excessive sebum secretion to help keep skin clean.

- This product is made using ingredients that fills in empty pores with moisturization to keep the skin smooth and moist.

- This set of clearing pads contains ingredients excellent for soothing.

- This product easily melts away stubborn sebum without the need to pull or peel it off.

After placing the pad on the area troubled with sebum and impurities for 10 to 15 minutes, remove the sebum using a cotton swab or peeler, then rinse with clean water.

- Allantoin is good for skin soothing, and ceramide, which makes up the skin barrier, to strengthen the sensitive skin barrier.

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