THE REAL Noni Refresh Clay Mask 100ml

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A mineral-rich clay mask with noni fruit extract, kaolin & bentonite that cleanses and minimizes pores and shine without drying out.

- Highly absorbent main clay ingredients, Kaolin & Bentonite effectively remove impurities & dead skin cells.⁠
- 30% Noni Fruit Extract is densely blended into clay for better permeation and works to provide hydration & moisture to the inner layer of the skin.
- 13,000ppm of Grounded Noni Fruit Powder serves as a gentle facial scrub to enhance the effect of exfoliation of dead skin cells.
- Safe to use on delicate & sensitive skin and has been clinically tested to be non-irritating by IRB.

  1. After cleansing, apply a thick layer on the face except for the eyes & lip area.
  2. After 15minutes, cleanse the clay mask with lukewarm water.
  3. Use 1~2 times a week for intensive care for excessive sebum production or built up impurities.

Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract (13,000ppm)

- 13,000ppm of the ground powder of dry Noni serves as a scrub that effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and secreted sebum, while 30% of Noni Fruit Extract presents rich moisture to clay.

Kaolin & Bentonite

- Kaolin and Bentonite are clay minerals enriched with natural minerals. They are effective for removing excessive sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities that easily clog the pores with its strong absorbency.

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