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    Torhop Facial Mask Mini Brush Pieni 1ea

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    A mini brush exclusively for Torhop Mask that is small but still highly functional, allowing you to apply the mask wherever you are.

    - Please Note that the Product Color may be slightly different from the image provided.

    - Pieni is designed to help you apply Torhop's mask pack products more easily and effectively, no matter where you are by being portable and convenient. It maximizes the effect of the mask pack by allowing it to be applied meticulously to parts that cannot be applied by hand.

    - The silicone mask brushe head is made of premium quality silicone, soft and smooth, suit for applicator the skincare products.

    - The face brush is easy to apply thin layers of skincare products evenly, and easy to clean with water.

    1.Take an appropriate amount from the pack and gently apply all over the skin using a brush.
    2. After use, wash the brush thoroughly and store it in a clean place.

    1. Design: It is a brush exclusively for the Torhop facial mask, which is small but maintains its function. The stylish design is distinctly different from other products, which goes well with any design in the house.

    2. Long-Lasting: It can be used semi-permanently because it is made of silicon, an eco-friendly material.

    3. Simple: It is easy to clean with water and convenient to store.

    4. Daily use: It is suitable for applying various formulations of masks such as scrub, mud, serum, and so on.

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