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UV Shield Sports Patch 5ea

$20.00 $22.00
A set of patches that not only provide UV protection but also moisturization and nutrients around the eyes.

- This set of UV protection patches provides up to 97.9% protection against UV rays.
- This product has strong adhesion properties against sweat and moisture, making this set of UV protection patches ideal for sport activities.
- This set of UV protection patches is created using breathable hydrogel fabric that leads to minimal skin irritation.
- This product has provides the skin with a quick cooling session to make it ideal for hot summer days.

1. Remove the transparent film after taking out the patch
2. Attach it to the left and right directions under the eyes and along the cheekbones that are easily exposed to sunlight.
Attaching the heart logo outward makes it easy to attach left and right.
* If you put it on when you're sweating a lot or when there's a lot of oil, it might not stick well.
Please attach it a whlie before exercising or a while after using sunscreen.


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