Vanilla Sky Perfumed Hair & Body Mist

A refreshing hair and body mist inspired by coziness of vanilla sky that will warm your soul.

- The comforting, sweet notes of vanilla and hint of spice with black pepper blend together to exude endlessly soft and sweet, yet never tiring aroma for your pleasing experience.

- This vanilla gourmand mist is inspired by the coziness of vanilla sky that warms your soul with a decadent touch of tonka bean.

- This elegant, delicate vanilla note would immerse you in the mood of sweetness and coziness all day long.

- This lightweight hair & body fragrance mist absorbs into skin magically without feeling sticky, leaving skin moisturized and refreshed.

  1. Use all over the hair and body anytime, anywhere.

Top Note: Vanilla

- Be lured into the fragrance with an endlessly sweet vanilla with a twist.

Middle Note: Tonka Beans

- The middle note has the scent of tonka beans making this body mist to have a hearty scent that acts as a center.

Base Note: Black Pepper

- One tiny spoonful is plenty to add spiciness to this fragrance, making this vanilla a unique scent unlike any other.

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