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Vegan Collagen Youth Cream 50ml

$25.00 $27.00
A vegan collagen slow-aging serum made of snow mushroom extract to enhance moisturization when used on the skin.

- This cream is made of a plant-based low molecular weight collagen, can hold up to 500 times its weight in moisture, helping to enhance moisturization.
- This product contains a vegan collagen (soluble collagen) with excellent biocompatibility, which gradually transforms the skin into a firm and radiant state.
- This cream has brightening and slow-aging properties to be a must-have for any skincare routine.

Every morning and evening, apply a moderate amount to skin and gently tap for better absorption.

Snow Mushroom Extract

- Deeply absorbed into the skin and delivers long-lasting moisture.

Vegan Collagen
- Vegan collagen which is biocompatible and water-soluble provides a firmer skin and a radiant complexion.

- Helps reproducing collagen and other proteins in skin as one of the main anti-aging functional ingredients.

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