Vikini Blend Glossy Berry

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Vital vitamin, plant-based premium cereal.

✔ A balanced diet of whole grains and vegetable protein! NO Processed oil, whey protein, sugar, shellac, sugar processing.

✔ Sweet without worrying about sugar with low-sugar sweetener Lucuma, Healthy with Pea Protein and PH Protein Choco Ball

✔ Satiety UP with cacao, berry, and matcha flavor

✔ Selected by top celebrities who symbolize health and beauty

Glow Beauty Recipe
Glossy granola mix + Blueberry + Aronia + Bilberry

Step1. Shake the bag to mix the contents and spread 1.5 scoops (about 50g) with the included scoop.

Step2. Pour 100~150ml of the beverage of your choice (water, milk, almond milk, etc.)

Step4. Stir well and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. (You can also eat it with fruit.)

Glossy granola mix + Blueberry + Aronia + Bilberry

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