Vita Drop Serum 30ml

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A serum that contains 73% of a fruit extract filled with vitamin, contributing to clear and radiant skin.

- This serum contains fruit extract with powerful vitamins for antioxidizing effects, contributing to clear and radiant skin.

- This certain fruit is called the "miracle fruit" in the United States and other English-speaking countries while in Russia, it is referred to as the "Gift from God".
- This serum is a powerhouse of vitamins that contains 200 times more vitamin C than apples and is rich in vitamin C and E, providing exceptional benefits in removing active oxygen and antioxidation.

Every morning and evening, apply a moderate amount to skin and gently tap for better absorption.


- It helps to target excessive sebum, enlarged pores and skin texture.

Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract
- It gives a clear and vibrant skin tone.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid
- It makes the formulation of vitamin serum less sticky and leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

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