CoréelleVT CosmeticsVT CICA DAILY SOOTHING MASK (350g/30ea)Mask
CoréelleVT CosmeticsVT CICA DAILY SOOTHING MASK (350g/30ea)Mask
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    VT's #1 bestselling soothing and calming sheet mask perfect for daily usage.

    - This sheet mask is made of ultra thin (0.2 mm) sheets that are made of plant-derived cellulose with high levels of permeability.

    - This product provides quick, soothing relief for tired, sensitive skin.

    - This sheet mask can be used daily by just taking out a single sheet each day for use.

    - This product provides excellent acne control and calms the skin that has been irritated by external factors.

    1. Smooth out skin by applying skin after washing face.
    2. Open the lid and plastic protective cap.
    3. Put the mask on the face evenly.
    *Tip: Pull out a sheet of mask pack using a pair of mini tweezers.

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