Yuzu Vita C Cream 50ml

$30.00 $35.00
A cream made with yuzu extract instead of purified water to brighten the skin like no other product.

- This cream is created using yuzu extract to help get rid of the impurities on the skin.

- This product brightens the skin with the vitamin C in the formula to create healthy-looking, glowy skin.

- This cream brightens the skin with triple brightening properties and creates glowy skin by providing the skin with deep hydration.

- This product helps to control early signs of aging by brightening and adding moisturization to the skin.

On your last step of skincare, take an appropriate amount of product and gently tap with fingertips all over your face until absorbed.

Jeju Yuzu Extract

- Yuzu Extract increases firmness of the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles to improve the skin’s elasticity, which makes it a natural anti-aging ingredient.

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